Super Sour Gummy Bear Cocktail

It’s National Gummy Bear Day! And this year celebrate with a cocktail you’ll never forget: A super sour gummy bear beverage ready to take on your taste buds.

The weekend + a reason to celebrate juicy, delicious gummy bear candy—can it get much better?

Here’s the recipe to create a super-sour totally-sweet gummy bear cocktail perfect for the beach, your summer travels, or just an excuse to indulge in the sweet and sour deliciousness of gummy bear candy.

4 oz. Sour Apple Pucker

4 oz. Absolut Vodka 

10 oz. Sprite 

An assortment of sour and regular gummy bears of your choice!

Step 1: Grab your Sour Apple Pucker and Absolut Vodka. Combine with ice and mix in shaker.

Step 2: Organize all your favorite gummy bear candies that you like best. I chose some of my ultimate favorites to munch and to add to the drink!


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 2.43.21 PM

Step 3: Get your favorite glass. Layer bottom with gummy bears about an inch thick (or more…I mean who’s stopping you?). Then add ice.

Step 4: Pour Pucker/Vodka mix over ice and gummy bears until glass is almost full.

Step 5: Add more gummy bear accents if you’d like! (In this instance I got a gummy bear skewer and a delicious oversized gummy bear on a stick.)

Step 5: Enjoy! Don’t forget to eat the gummy bears at the bottom that begin to soak in the drink for a deliciously tasty pucker/vodka-infused treat at the end! I added just a little bit of green food coloring ‘cuz it looks rockin’ cool.