Top 50 Candies Everyone Needs to Try

Top 50 Candies Everyone Needs to Try

Indulge your sweet tooth + don’t tell your dentist + sugar on sugar on sugar

I’m obsessed with candy.IMG_0835a.jpg

You don’t have to look far to see my lovefest with the sugary treat has started to engulf my life. Once I gave up candy for a month and almost cried when I found a gummy bear on the floor I accidentally dropped days before behind the kitchen table. It was as hard as rock—but tempted me with his tiny gummy face. His super tasty tiny pineapple gummy face.

So here I am—starting a candy blog. I wanted to kick it off with a Cleveland Indians logo made out of Skittles to showcase their 2016 championship but obviously had to switch my plans (Thanks, Cubs *rolls eyes*).

But I couldn’t decide on just one topic. So you get 50. Here’s my list of 50 candies I think everyone needs to try (in no particular order)—and who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to turn into a gummy-loving sweet-obsessed candy-gushing maniac too. #HighFive



1) M&Ms

Let’s start with the melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand mini morsels that are M&Ms. Gone are the only-one-choice standard milk chocolate flavor. With pretzel, mint, peanut butter, crispy, and new caramel, M&Ms are good for all your cravings. Not to mention they have sweet customizable types! And the S’mores ones (bottom left) are killer good.


2) Skittles

Taste the rainbow. In tropical, orchard, spooky (Lurking Lemon, anyone?), and more flavors. Did you know there was a huge backlash when they switched from lime Skittles to sour apple Skittles? Apparently the lime and lemon were too similar to some. I was in favor for the switch! #SourAppleForLyfe

skittlesreal3) Peach Rings

Hands down my favorite. candy. ever. And these kinds are probably my favorite type.


4) Gummy Bears

The classic gummy delicacy. Seriously Haribo is the top notch kind. Even come in super tiny form (bottom right pic)! But Albanese from Indiana, USA are also amazing. They are super soft and come in tons of flavors! And if you’re super into these gummy bear treats, hit up the 5 pound version.


5) Chicken Feet

They taste like heaven blended with cherry lemonade. Seriously. So. Good.


6) Air Heads

But what actually IS the mystery flavor? Air heads are my jam. Also THESE NEW AMAZING VERSIONS.


7) Hershey’s Kiss

The cherry cordial ones are to die for. Also one time my friend dressed up as a Hershey’s Kiss at Hersheypark (oh, summer job memories in high school…) and was rolled down a hill by guests. Think about it each time I eat one. Always hilarious. (Though it was really painful. SO DO NOT DO IT).


8) Wilbur Buds

Hershey gets all the love in PA. But Wilbur Buds are arguably even better. Try these ASAP. Plus if you ever want to visit Lititz, PA (a super cool town) they have a new store that just opened full of chocolatey goodness!


9) Kit Kats

There’s something special about this candy.Sidenote: it was my favorite candy bar to impersonate at Hersheypark (again—summer job at it’s finest).


10) Nerds

Remember when you’d get those little boxes with two flavors and you’d just dump them in your mouth but then your spit would make the box all wonky and you’d be all “IT’S ALL FALLING APART AND NERDS ARE FALLING INTO THE CRACKS.” #CandyProbs


11) Reese’s

Reese’s pieces. Reese’s cups. Nutrageous. GIT IN MY BELLYY. Did you see these new Reese’s Pieces stuffed cups yet? Also it’s reeses PEE-SEYS. Not pee-sees. Oh yeah, and honestly—Reese’s sticks are probably the most underrated Reese’s products. They are amazing.


12) Ring Pops

Candy bling. Check.


13) Whirly Pop

The amusement park staple. I always get one when I go to Cedar Point in Ohio. Love it.

swirlyreal14) Smarties

The white ones are so good and I have no idea why. I want all of the white ones. Hook me up, Smarties.


15) Jolly Ranchers

Did you know these are one of the most popular candies out there? Always a top-seller. And for good reason.


16) Tootsie Roll

I love this song more than anything. That may be why these candies are on the list…


17) Gobstoppers 

Don’t bite them right away. Just don’t do it. But they taste so good. SO MANY LAYERS.


18) Whatchamacallit

Every time I went to the pool growing up I would get one of these at the snack bar. They were from the freezer. Definitely freeze these—they are incredible.


19) Jelly Belly Beans

My Grandpa (one of the best people in the world just FYI) and I get a 40-flavor box and transform into Mixing Beans Recipe Extraordinaires. I was also part of the Jelly Belly taste bud club when I was little. Yes, that was a thing… I’d get sneak preview flavor packs in the mail and everything. Also Dr. Pepper jelly belly beans. ‘Nuff said.

jellybellyreal20) Grapefruit gummies

Sweet, delicious, and can kinda sorta pass for a healthy breakfast, right?


21) Pop Rocks

Always fun. These are never not fun. I’m 28 and they are still SO FUN.


22) Flavored Candy Canes

Alright, so candy canes are a staple of the holidays. Minty… cool… Christmasy… but FLAVORED candy canes are literally the best version of this holiday tradition! Sweet tart candy canes, sour patch kid candy canes… you name it. Sign me upp. And right now they’re hitting stores (also just saw Trolli has a version.. whattt!)


23) Peppermint Patties

The classic combo of chocolate and mint. The mini kind are even better (and easier to eat 15 without feeling ashamed).


24) Buckeyes candy

O-H-! Even Michigan fans have to admit these chocolate peanut butter candies are way better than anything a Wolverine candy could be. #AmIRight


25) Gummy Worms

In dirt pudding or a road trip snack. Sour or sweet. So many options! But you have to go with Trolli worms. Or really Trolli anything…


26) Dum Dums

Classic lolli. Tons of flavors.


27) Mike and Ikes

From spicy cinnamon to fruity, these things are great. The megamix is superb. And the new sours.


28) Starburst

Let’s be honest these are the coolest candies. ALSO did you see the gummy versions? GET THEM NOW.


29) Sour Patch Kids

There were a lot of people mad when they added a blue flavor into the mix. I thought it was amazing. First sour—then sweet. I could eat these all day.


30) Licorice

Twizzlers comes to mind. And the Nibs are my absolute favorite. But these Wiley Wallaby types have a wonderful chewy consistency that is totally unique.


31) Hershey’s Bar

One word: classic.


32) Turkish Delight

Just tasted this candy this year. Now I know why Edmund was so tempted to destroy his family to get an unlimited supply of this. If you don’t get that reference I’m disappointed. Also you should then read this.


33) Take Five

The ingredients: Pretzels, caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts. How could this not be on this list?


34) Swedish Fish

I never had a candy that tasted so unique. From the consistency to the taste—I love this. The oreo version was not so great though… I do not recommend that venture.


35) Cadbury Eggs

Once an Easter staple, now it has all sorts of holiday versions. One thing stays the same—they are addicting.


36) Warheads

I’ll always remember daring friends to eat as many of these at once as possible. Those lemon ones…shoot. THOSE LEMON ONES. Also warhead spray. You’re welcome.


37) Red Cherry Slices

My Grandpa and I would sit and eat these while watching baseball in Ohio. Still brings back the best memories.


38) Peachy Penguins

LOVE THESE. You don’t understand—they are peach-flavored. I know they are black and white and that makes no sense but they are peach flavored and absolutely delicious! Try them ASAP.


39) (Orange) Tic-Tacs

Orange Tic-Tacs. I can’t handle them. One time I got in trouble at a summer job ‘cuz I ate all the Orange Tic-Tacs… they were supposed to be used as “breath mints” for all employees…I ate the whole thing in the first hour of my shift. Also I used to get these in my stocking at Christmas and IT WAS THE BEST.


40) Lindor white chocolate

I have no words. This is like a white chocolate dream of heaven and goodness. I don’t understand what’s in the middle other than incredible deliciousness.


41) Fun Dip

Always felt cool when eating this. For no reason. Maybe 12 year old Tony returns and remembers walking down the neighborhood street with a fun dip thinking he the bomb. #Memories #TheStickIsKindaGrossThough


42) Junior Mints

I could eat these like popcorn. Just one after another. Handfuls. So good.


43) Hubba Bubba Gum 

I always just want to bite into the weird circle of bubble-blowing goodness.

gumreal44) Sour Watermelons

Almost just like sour patch kids, these sour watermelons are starting to become a favorite by the masses. The new strawberry versions are good too.


45) Dark Chocolate Bar (From Divine)

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a chocolate lover. But I make an exception for dark chocolate. And Divine’s version is killer good. Also it’s fair trade—meaning it’s ethically-sourced and all farmers are paid a fair wage. Find out more here.


46) PEZ

I WANT TO JUST EAT ALL THE PEZ. Forget the dispenser, give me allll the packs so I can pop these things down! (Though really my Yoda dispenser is pretty dope).


47) Pixie Sticks

My mom wouldn’t let me have these until at least 15 I swear. Some family choking problem. Not that that would ever happen to me or anything… #AlmostDiedWhenIwas22 #OnCherryGummies #OnHerBirthday #MaybeSheWasRight


48) Butterfinger

Biting into a Butterfinger is unmatched. It’s crumbly (is that a word?) and crispy and great.


49) Dots

A classic. Gets completely stuck in my teeth. But it’s worth it. Sometimes.


50) Spree

I always forget about this one. But I just had them recently again and I forgot how addicting they are. Try ’em again.



What did you think? Is this all the best candy EVER?! What did I miss?

Hope you enjoy my candy ramblings. Seriously though go get these delicious treats. And join me in total world candy domination.

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