I’m not a mint guy. So when Christmas rolls around I’m not the first one stocking up on the red and white classics. Instead, sign me up for the sour, the sweet, and the sodalicious!

Check out 7 other candy cane types (and one bonus flavor) for those of you that just can’t get into minty madness.

Sweet Tarts Candy Canes

With Green Apple, Cherry, and Blue Punch (the best flavor out of the three) these Sweet Tarts candy canes know to to transform the classic candy into a tangy combo of tropical flavors.


Dum-Dums Candy Canes

Known for their lollipops, Dum-Dums makes the leap to candy canes. And it’s worth it. Each flavor it sweet enough but not overpowering. And still has the classic Dum-Dums taste.


Starburst Candy Canes

Though I was worried that they wouldn’t live up to their juicy classic candies, these Starburst candy canes are still just as powerfully potent with the flavor. And the strawberry ones are just as juicy as my favorite Starburst flavor.


Jelly Belly Candy Canes

Tutti-Fruitti is a favorite Jelly Belly flavor of mine, so when I saw it was one of the three Jelly Belly candy cane flavors I had to get them. Though these candy canes don’t have the same feel as the tiny jelly bean candies, the flavor is still there–and that’s what matters most.


Lifesaver Candy Canes

It’s basically a pack of lifesavers in candy cane form. What’s not to love? (Plus I could eat the pineapple ones all day long…)


Soda Candy Canes

THESE. Are so good. First off, I want Dr. Pepper flavored everything. And these candy cane flavors surprisingly do these soda brands justice. They even had a strangely accurate fizz taste to them. They were a fun addition to my typical candy cane buying spree.


Sour Patch Kids Candy Canes

First sour, then sweet—in candy cane form. With my favorite (green!) as part of the mix, this is hands down my favorite choice. Sour powder is on each individual candy cane to make it has sour and delicious as possible.


*BONUS* – Pickle Candy Canes

That’s right. Pickle Candy Canes. Would you try them?


Is there a candy cane type I missed that you choose instead of (or in addition to!) the classic mint flavor?





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